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The Science of Storm Damage: How Roofs Take a Hit 

The Science Behind Storm Damage

Understanding the mechanics of storm damage, particularly to residential and commercial roofing systems, is a critical part of preventative maintenance and post-storm repairs. At Green Vista Roofing, our experience in the field has given us intimate insights into the storm damage science. With multiple top-rated locations across Nokomis, FL, and Ormond Beach, FL, we’ve seen firsthand how roofs buckle under the strain of a storm and how to mitigate this damage.

Forces at Play During a Storm

Storms are complex natural phenomena, bringing together multiple destructive elements. High-speed winds, heavy rainfalls, hail, and occasionally, lightning strikes all combine to put a home’s structural integrity to the test.

Wind is one of the most destructive forces during a storm. Winds during a storm do not blow in a uniform or straight-line pattern. They twist, turn, and change direction rapidly, creating uplifting pressure on the roofing materials. When the wind blows over the roof’s structure, it creates a lifting effect on the shingles or tiles, much like the lift beneath an airplane’s wings. Over time, this can lead to loosening of the roofing materials or even in extreme cases, whole segments of the roof being torn off.

Hail and Rain: The Water Damage

Accompanying the wind, storms frequently bring heavy rain and sometimes even hail. This poses an entirely different type of threat to your roof. Even the most immaculately installed and maintained roof can fall victim to water damage if the rainfall is heavy enough. Water can seep under the outer layer, into the underlying supportive structures, causing dry rot, mold, and other structural issues over time.

Hail provides a double threat – not only does it contain the potential to cause water damage, but large hailstones can cause direct physical damage to the roof. Shingles can be dented, cracked, or even shattered under the impact, leading to a weakened roof structure that’s vulnerable to further damage.

Lightning Strikes Pose an Unexpected Threat

Although comparatively rare, lightning strikes pose an unexpected and severe threat to roofing systems. A direct lightning strike can send an electrical surge through your home’s structure, causing immediate physical damage, including fires, and exposing your property to the elements, which greatly exacerbates the effect of other simultaneous storm elements, such as wind and rain.

Understanding the Damage to Mitigate the Impact

With a comprehensive understanding of storm damage science, Green Vista Roofing is able to conduct precise, efficient, and effective repairs following any storm. Being proactive can also significantly limit the damage. Keeping the roof well-maintained, ensuring that materials are properly secured, and removing any potential windborne debris like falling branches from nearby trees can all help your roof withstand the rigors of a storm.

Trust in Green Vista Roofing

Trust, expertise, and dedication are core elements of Green Vista Roofing’s service philosophy. We are committed not only to repair and replacing roofs but also to helping homeowners understand their roofs better and empowering them to take appropriate steps to protect their assets in the face of nature’s forces.

Each roof has its unique strengths and vulnerabilities, and our team of certified, experienced professionals is trained to identify these factors. Using this information, we tailor our services to meet each client’s specific needs – be it storm damage repair, preventative maintenance, or a full roof replacement.

Stay Ahead of the Storm

At Green Vista Roofing, we believe in staying ahead of the storm, quite literally. We take pride in using only the highest quality, most durable materials designed to withstand the destructive forces of severe weather conditions. Our skilled teams execute each job meticulously – ensuring your home is kept safe and your peace of mind undisturbed.

Don’t wait to learn about storm damage science the hard way, after a severe storm has left your home vulnerable. Contact Green Vista Roofing’s experienced professionals on proactive maintenance and storm-proofing options available to you to safeguard your home and comfort. Let us shoulder the burden of ensuring your roof is prepared to weather any storm. It’s our job, and we do it with unmatched passion and precision.


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The Science of Storm Damage: How Roofs Take a Hit
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