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Roofing Best Practices for Hurricane-Prone Areas 

Understanding the Severity of Hurricanes

From our base in Nokomis, FL, and our station in Ormond Beach, FL, we at Green Vista Roofing have witnessed first-hand the destructive power of hurricanes. These storms are a force to be reckoned with, causing devastating damage to properties, including roofing systems. It’s estimated that about 60% of all hurricane damage is due to high winds and the impact they have on the roof of buildings. For those living in hurricane-prone areas, adopting Hurricane Roofing best practices is not an option but a necessity.

The Importance of Hurricane Roofing

Hurricane Roofing is a specialized field that combines engineering and construction to provide superior wind resistance and durability, specifically for areas frequently affected by hurricanes. At Green Vista Roofing, we underscore the importance of residential and commercial property owners investing in roofing solutions that can withstand high wind speeds and severe weather conditions caused by hurricanes.

Materials That Make Your Roof Hurricane-Resistant

The choice of roofing material significantly determines the level of protection a roof can provide during hurricanes. Materials such as concrete tiles, metal, or composite shingles offer an excellent combination of durability and wind resistance. The new generation of shingles has been tested and certified to withstand wind speeds of up to 110 to 130 miles per hour. It’s also prudent to consider impact-rated materials that can withstand the potential impact of flying debris, commonly associated with hurricanes.

Hurricane Roofing Installation Best Practices

The approach to installing a landmark commits an important role in hurricane resistance. First, it goes beyond the choice of materials; it involves the correct application of these materials.

A roof is only as strong as its weakest point. Therefore, green Vista Roofing recommends focusing on weak areas such as the edges, ridge, and valley of the roof, which can be uplifted with high winds. Application of hurricane straps, a type of metal tie, to improve the connection between the roof and the walls, enhancing the overall strength of the building, is another best practice to consider. Additionally, the use of corrosion-resistant nails or screws ensures that your roof can adequately resist high-velocity wind loads.

The Value of Routine Roof Maintenance

Routine roof maintenance is another critical component of hurricane roofing best practices. Regular inspections can identify any potential issues that could compromise the integrity of your roof during a hurricane. These include loose shingles, corroded fasteners, or gaps and leaks that could allow water ingress. It’s also essential to remove any dead branches or debris that could potentially cause damage during a storm.

Professional Installation is Key

Given the complexity and importance of hurricane-resistant roofing systems, the expertise of a professional roofing contractor is invaluable. Hiring experienced, quality-oriented roofing companies like Green Vista Roofing ensures that best practices for hurricane roofing are meticulously followed. We at Green Vista understand the unique demands of roofing in hurricane-prone areas and provide sound advice and top-of-the-line installation services.

Operate with Insurance and Permits in Mind

Make sure any Hurricane Roofing work is done with the appropriate permits and insurance in place. This is to ensure compliance with local building codes, which often contain specifications designed to enhance the durability of structures in hurricane-prone areas.

Conclusion: Stay Prepared with Hurricane-Proof Roofing

Preparation is vital when it comes to safeguarding your property from hurricane damage. Investing in hurricane-resistant roofing materials and following hurricane roofing best practices transforms the roof into your home’s first line of defense against these dangerous storms. Green Vista Roofing is committed to providing effective and durable roofing solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of your property but also immensely contribute to its resilience. Turn to us for dependable, quality roofing that stands up to a hurricane.


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Roofing Best Practices for Hurricane-Prone Areas
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